Rainbow Highlighter : The Magical Highlighter for Beauty Unicorns

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The rainbow highlighter is the latest makeup trend that keeps the online beauty community buzzing, more precisely, Bitter Lace Beauty’s Prism multi-color illuminating pressed powder ($27), which gives a beautiful iridescent rainbow ombre effect when applied to the face.

The small handmade cosmetics company, which sells its makeup products on Etsy, can barely keep up with the demand and more beauty enthusiasts started to make their own rainbow highlighters mashing together powdered makeup products of different colors.

To make your own rainbow highlighter, all you need is some shimmery eyeshadow (loose or pressed) in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, a powder highlighter, some rubbing alcohol, and a flat empty tray. You’ll also need some toothpicks, 6 small containers for mixing the colors individually and maybe paper towels.

Start by adding the 6 eyeshadows into separate containers and break them if they’re pressed. Add a small amount of highlighter to each color at a time and mix well until you get a fine powder.

To get the colors pressed into the pan, start with the color red and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol at a time and mix until you get a thick paste. Place the paste into the pan forming a stripe and smooth it out with your fingers. Continue by doing the same with the rest of the colors and make sure you get the order right for your DIY rainbow highlighter. After the color red follows with orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Once you have finished adding the colors, you must let it sit overnight. As soon as the alcohol evaporates and the colors solidify your DIY rainbow highlighter is ready to be used.


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