7 Signs You’re Smarter Than You Think

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What makes you a smart person
Smartness is not limited to intellect. Contrary to popular opinion, smartness is not about brains and IQ. It’s also not about good looks or confidence. There’s more to a smart person than meets the eye.

It’s an irony that many smart people are oblivious to their smartness. They second-guess themselves at the drop of a hat.
On the other hand, you also come across not-so-smart people who can’t stop bragging about themselves. Charles Bukowski echoed a similar thought when he said, “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

If you belong to the former group and have been underestimating yourself, it’s time you know you are not just good enough, but you are smart.

Here are seven signs that you are smart and stand out among the rest.

1. You keep an ‘accomplished tasks’ list
When it comes to productivity, having your daily list of tasks is critical. However, while others overwhelm themselves by worrying about the items on their to-do list that remain undone, you keep a log of your achievements and focus on how much you have achieved and how far you have come.

It’s smart to keep a tab on your progress by preparing a have-done list, as it is a powerful motivating force that encourages you to work harder and nudges you to deliver more value to your work.

2. You read between the lines
In your daily interaction with others, effective communication is vital. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to comprehend what the other person is saying, especially when they are not straightforward or forthright.

People’s art of diplomacy, and their skill of being politically correct, has shifted the onus on you to fathom what is intended and is conveyed.
However, if you’re one of those who are proficient in reading between the lines, you’ve aced it all.

Your ability to listen intently and understand what is said, and decipher what is left unsaid will allow you to see things in perspective. It will also help you focus on details, be aware of the nitty-gritty, and remain in control of tricky situations.

3. You don’t follow the herd
Most people are wired to follow the herd and do what is time-tested and what others are doing.

Going down the beaten path is easy as it’s comfortable and familiar, and there’s no risk involved. But that’s the zone of mediocrity.
If you’re one of those who take the ‘road less traveled’ and like to discover new things, you are smarter than others. It takes courage and ingenuity to experiment with different things, experience the unknown, and make something meaningful out of it all.

When you do what most are doing, you’ll end up being average. However, if you choose to charter into unknown territories, you’ll meet more challenges, gain greater insights and discover new things. All this will also tremendously increase your confidence and set you up for massive success.

4. You learn from other people’s mistakes
Many people learn lessons after realizing their mistakes. But that’s a costly way of learning. And what’s worse is you cannot rectify the doing or negate the damage.

But if you’re observant and keep an eye on other people’s mistakes, you’re truly smart. You can see things in perspective and understand how errors occur and how they can be prevented. Observing others can also help you gain insight into what works and doesn’t.

Learning from other people’s mistakes, therefore, makes you wiser without burning your own fingers.

5. You ask for help
No one is expected to have all the knowledge on all the subjects and be proficient at everything. Yet, some people project themselves as ‘know it all.’ As a result, they never ask for help, no matter how badly they need it.

Smart people don’t hesitate to seek help from others, especially those who are masters of their respective fields and are willing to mentor needy people.
Being proactive and approaching the experts for taking professional guidance can help you tremendously with your personal growth and skill development. You can learn many things from distinguished people, gain valuable insights and benefit from their rich experience.

6. You don’t get into empty arguments
Some people like to get the upper hand in a conversation. While engaging in meaningful discussion or debating an issue is healthy, going overboard to argue your point of view and getting embroiled is plain stupidity.

A smart person knows getting into an argument doesn’t serve any fruitful purpose. On the contrary, it’s an unpleasant experience, and you may say or do something in the heat of the moment that you may regret later.
So it is wise to skillfully put across your point and wriggle out before the scene turns ugly. This avoids things from getting out of hand and prevents both sides from getting upset.

7. You embrace your weaknesses
Every individual is different and has their share of strengths and weaknesses. While the majority of people are aware of their strong points, many are either unaware of or feign ignorance about their limitations.

Deliberately turning a blind eye toward your weaknesses is foolishness. Smart people feel no shame in admitting and accepting their negative traits. They know no one’s perfect. Hiding your deficiencies and failings will only hold you back and work against you.

They embrace their weaknesses, make sincere efforts to improve themselves, and succeed in turning their negative attributes into strengths and get far in life.

In Conclusion
People who realize their worth do well at work, have healthy interpersonal relationships, make better decisions, and have greater life satisfaction. They are also better able to navigate challenges and survive through difficult times. Hence it is essential to occasionally remind yourself of your abilities and capabilities.

So the next time you doubt yourself, go through the above list of qualities you possess, remind yourself how smart you are, and give your self-esteem an instant boost.


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