Sheertex’ subsidiary launches fast drying swimsuit using patented technology

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Hosiery brand Sheertex launched its first swimsuit under its subsidiary ‘Watertex’, which can be wiped dry with a towel.

Sheertex, which is known for its patented rip-resistant tights, promises “the smoothest transition from water to land in swimwear” with a suit that dries in half the time compared to conventional swimwear and retains 60 percent less water upon submersion, as stated in a press release.

The swimsuit is a proprietary technical textile that is said to be made of the “world’s most hydrophobic polymers”. By weaving them into the patented knit technology, the brand created a faster drying suit.

The design and production takes place in Canada by SRTX, the company that invented Sheertex.

The first item, a simple black fit, is now available online.



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