How I Wake Up Early : 3 Things that Allow Me to Get Up Early Every Day

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When I was a kid, I wasn’t someone who usually got to school early. I often reached school late mostly because I slept in. But as I grew up, my parents told me that I need to be more disciplined and organized. And that was the time I had to start waking up early. (around 5:00)

Despite the pressure my parent put on me, I get to feel the benefits of it. I have more time for myself. I can read books, I can enjoy the scent of the dawn or I can do some work so that I’ll be a little bit ahead of my friends. Anyway, as I kept on waking up early almost every day, I feel like I’m more energized, more productive, and less stressed. (Besides, I don’t have to rush in the morning, I have a lot of time to prepare and have breakfast)

And to this day, waking up early has served me a lot.

So, to those people who want to wake up early in the morning, I will share my personal tips on how to wake up early every day with full energy.

Let’s get into it.

 1: Know Your Why
Why do you want to wake up early?
What makes you want to wake up early?
Whatever your reason might be, it’s important to know why you want to do this, otherwise, when you wake up, you would be thinking…

“Why the heck am I up this early?”

And you will go back to sleep.

So, first and foremost, know your why.

This was actually the reason why I started waking up early. Yes, at first, my parents forced me to wake up. But as time went on, I found that I can do my most important work in the morning so that I can be with my family or I can do whatever I want to do in the evening.

That makes me wake up early consistently.

 2: Put Your Alarm FAR Away From Your Bed
Oftentimes, when my bed is too cozy and comfortable, it’s hard for me to resist the temptation of getting back to sleep.

So, to counter this back, I make sure before I go to bed, I put my phone on the shelf that’s a 6-second walk from my bed. And when tomorrow comes, I don’t have a chance to keep staying in bed. I had to physically get up, get out of the room, and turn off the alarm.

And most of the time, after turning off the alarm, my eyes are already wide enough to get to the kitchen, jump-starting the awakening process.

So, if you want to put a safety net, like me, then put your phone(alarm) far away from your bed.

 3: Drink Some Water
This was the tip that I found on the Internet years ago.

They said that water in the morning is needed because we hadn’t had any water consumption for six or eight hours straight, resulting in dehydration in our bodies. And drinking water first in the morning helps us rehydrate; plus, it can also flush out toxins and harmful germs. Also, one study found that drinking 2 cups of water right after waking up can increase metabolism by 24% for 1.5+ hours. This results in more energy levels, improved mood, and cognitive function.

For me, drinking water perks me up and makes me alert. After drinking some water, I don’t feel drowsy anymore.

So, after you get out of bed, make sure you drink some water.

 4: Exercise or Do Some Stretch
This is great for various reasons.

1. It boosts energy throughout the day — Moving your body or stretching out your body increases your heart rate, allowing you to be awake and giving you a surge of energy. That can help you feel more alert and energetic.
2. It puts you in a better mood —Morning exercises can produce endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones. This release of hormones will prevent you from feeling down. Also, you will feel really good for the rest of the day.
3. It improves your sleep —Regular exercise and stretching can help regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.
Overall, exercising or at least stretching in the morning can bring you a lot of benefits.

I, personally, do some stretches in the morning, and it’s more than enough for me to fuel my body and mind. It loosens my tight muscle, and I feel really good after my stretching routine.

Try some or at least one of those tips. I’m sure these will help you.

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