5 Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

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1. Scrolling your phone —
Do you find it irresistible to go through all the messages and emails? well, you’re not alone. Most of us sleep with our phones next to us. Do you even realize the unconscious action you took a few months or years back has now become a habit? The moment you wake up and start exposing yourself to all sorts of gossip, news, and media has adverse impacts on your mind, especially right after waking up.

What to do instead-

Try keeping your phone in another room or not close enough for you to grab it as soon as you wake up. You can also, buy a separate alarm clock for yourself.

I usually start my mornings by reading a few pages of a book or journaling. I have recently picked up this habit of journalling in the morning. It’s been over a month now.

See what works best for you. start your day with a short prayer or meditation. or even doing nothing just allowing yourself to be in the moment. This allows you to start your day slowly and intentionally.

2. Getting a caffeine kick as soon as you wake up
Most people think they can’t get anything done without a cup of coffee. Studies reveal the damaging effect coffee/tea can have on your body. It might give you that instant alertness and energy but you’ll find yourself tired and jittery after a few hours.

What to do instead-

I start my day usually with lukewarm water sometimes infused with a dash of lemon and honey. The idea is to hydrate your system in the morning. while sleeping our bodies are working for us, and the metabolism is active all the time. It’s important to flush out all the toxins accumulated in the body.

3. Multitasking
In today’s world of tick-tock and reels, no doubt our attention span has been reduced immensely. we can’t focus on the task at hand. we’re constantly juggling between tasks.

The moment you sit at work you either hear a notification or a message and you leave your work and get busy with it. Most of us are doing shallow work that’s low quality and easily replicable.

What to do instead

Say no more often and focus on one task at a given time. and only after you’re done you can shift to the other task.

Also, keep distractions away as possible. You can try blocking social media apps for a period of time.

4. Not Prioritizing
If you don’t prioritize your day, you’ll be doing everything and anything that comes your way. priorities can be different for different people in a different sets of conditions, but it’s so important to have time blocked for the most important task of the day.

What to do instead-

Plan your day ahead of time, usually the night before to create your to-do list. And among all the tasks you’ve written find your one most important task of the day. start your day by targeting OBG( one big goal) then move on to the other tasks.

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