9 Tricks To Get Out Of Bed

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1.Prep Breakfast The Night Before

Putting something delicious together the night before is a surefire way to get you bounding out of bed in the morning. Try one of these delicious crockpot breakfast recipes and wake up to smells that’ll practically pull you out of bed.

2.Peer Pressure

Make an early morning date with someone who’s an early riser. Whether it’s the gym, breakfast, or coffee, having someone to keep you accountable will give you the extra boost you need to get going in the morning.

3.Put Your Alarm Clock Across The Room

Yes, this old trick. Rather than putting your alarm clock within slapping distance, put it across the room so you actually have to get up to turn off the incessant beeping.

4.Set Your Coffee On A Timer

Set your coffee pot on a timer so that it starts brewing before you get out of bed. Imagine waking up to that glorious scent wafting into your bedroom. Yeah, that would get me out of bed in the morning.

5.Try An App

Yes, there’s an app for that. Sleep Cycle will chart how you sleep, and when the best time to wake you up is. Wake N Shake makes you shake your phone to turn off the alarm. Morning Routine makes you do tasks before you can turn the alarm off. Wakie starts a conversation, getting you talking first thing in the morning. Depending on what helps you wake up most, download accordingly.

6.Pick Out Your Clothes The Night Before

Half the battle of getting out of bed in the morning is having clothes to put on once you’re actually out of bed. Picking out your outfit the night before will take some of the struggle down a notch. Less time to lay in bed and stare at your closet means a faster morning rise.

7.Drink A Glass Of Water

Fill a glass of water before you go to bed and keep it next to your bed. When your alarm goes off, drink the water first thing. Hydrating first thing in the morning will get you going. (Not to mention, it’ll put extra incentive on your bladder.)

8.Open Your Blinds

Sleep with your blinds open, and wake up with natural light. Waking up with a gradual influx of light is supposed to make you wake up feeling more refreshed, and calm. And if your wakeup time is before the sun rises? Try Morning Sun.

9.Treat Yo Self

Have something exciting waiting for you upon waking up. A face mask first thing in the morning? Ooh la la. Treat yo self, girl. Nothing like a little incentive to get your buns going in the morning, right?

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