Happiness Comes from Work, Not Money

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You clicked on this article.

You may disagree or agree.

But do you really think that you are happy because of the money?

Think again.

I see that successful people have different kinds of quotes.

They give different kinds of principles and guides. They said that you need to read books, learn high-income skills, manage time and money, and get some money before your 30s. I heard all of that.

I follow them.

I tried to find some money. I read books about finance and how to make money. I learn courses and high-income skills. I tried the morning routine of successful people.

Even so, I still keep asking myself,

“Is it really the money that we have to achieve? In order to gain happiness.”

“Why are there a lot of rich guys that aren’t happy then? What happened to them? What happens to their money that should bring them happiness?”

After a while, I realized that happiness does not come from money.

Where does happiness come from?
Happiness comes from work.

We are confused by making money to gain freedom and happiness. If you are trying to find freedom, focusing on money is an important goal. But if you are trying to find happiness, focusing on money is not the most important goal.

The most important goal is work.

That’s why David Goggins, with all of his money, is still working his ass off to this day.

That’s why Gary Vee is still doing the same sh*t even though he has millions of dollars.

That’s why Elon Musk is still working 15 hours per day, even though he can retire early.
It’s because they’re in love with their work.

That’s what keeps them happy.

You can spend your year on vacation without working.

For example, partying, spending time with friends, sleeping, watching Netflix, going on vacation, going to the beach, but not being allowed to do some work like writing, studying, etc.

I believe you will feel like sh*t.

Money is the reward that we get from the sacrifices that we make.

Money is the reward that we get from working our asses off.

Money is the reward that we get from doing the same thing over and over again.
Until the end,

you live with what you do.

You live with what you choose.

You live with what you want to sacrifice.
So, remember, even if you don’t have money or have a lot of money, find the work that you want to sacrifice.

Find the work that you want to do for the rest of your life.

That’s how you find happiness.

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