5 Reasons To Rise At 5 am

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Waking up early has its own perks, and those who rise with the sun are better off than their night owls.

Productivity is a huge part of my life, and I have found that rising at 5 am every day really helps me to prioritize it.

There are tons of different tips and tricks out there on how to become an early riser, but here are the top five reasons that I heard from Robin Sharma and it helped me to be better at productivity.

1. It’s Deeply Peaceful
It’s a strange thing: When it’s dark and quiet outside, I feel a deep sense of peace. I’m not alone.

Many people share this sentiment, and I’ve noticed this trend as I’ve grown older. The world is crazy right now. Daily news reports are filled with stories of violence and fear, and technology has made our lives faster and more complicated at the same time.

These days, we struggle to find time to just sit still and be. This happens because we don’t have time for ourselves.

It’s a good habit to rise early, sit with yourself for half an hour and start your day taking some time to reboot your brain.

2. You’ll Grow In Willpower
There are several benefits of rising early. In fact, it can help you with your willpower. Early risers have been shown to be more proactive, productive, and successful than late risers.

The average person in the West wakes up at 7:00 AM. They spend about 70–90 minutes brushing their teeth, taking a shower, and eating breakfast. Then head to work.

If you get up at 5:00 AM, you will have 2 hours extra each day, 14 hours a week, and 60 hours a month.

During those hours, you can do anything that is totally related to you. For example:

You can work on your side hustle.
You can read a book.
Workout & Yoga.
Meditation for straight 30 minutes.
There are lots of things you can do. This is how you can make your life better.

3. You Can Work Out To Get Fitter
Everybody knows that the most time for exercise is in the morning. It’s much easier to go jogging or to a gym in the early morning, than at night or in the afternoon.

But no one does it because we are sleepy and tired then.

If you are into physical fitness, then you know how it feels to get up early in the morning for a workout session.

However, as time goes by, working out in the morning is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to work out at night.

I have gathered some benefits of working out in the morning:

Fewer distractions.
More overall energy.
Better focus.
Better mood.
Improved sleep.

4. It’s A Beautiful Time To Read Wisdom
If you rise early, the morning sun feels a bit warmer, the air smells a bit fresher than it does later in the day.

And if you get up before the crack of dawn, you can actually read a book with that beautiful light coming through your window.

The world is full of distractions, and it’s hard to find time to read but this is your chance. Put on some coffee, wake up early, and start reading.

5. You’ll 5x You Productivity
“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” -Mike Murdoch
What if I told you that you could get 5 times more done than the average person? It’s not a trick question. It’s not clickbait. It’s true.

You can. If you were to wake up 2 hours before everyone else and work for those 2 hours, in the morning, before anyone else is around and interruptions are at a minimum you could easily get 5 times as much done as if you waited until later in the day and worked during regular business hours.


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