4 reasons why we get unhappy

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1. Not doing what you love to do:

The first and most important reason that leads to unhappiness is “not doing what you love to do”.

We have been born to create an impact on the world through our special work and thoughts that can’t be the same as any other human. Every single human has a unique identity that differs from others.

So, why do we say “be like him/her”.

Why don’t we say “create your path, create your definition of life”.

Because we compare ourselves with others, we think we should also do that work, we should like him/her so that we can also get success like them.

Instead of following our passion and interests, we start chasing others’ passions, and we get stuck in our life, gradually we get unhappy with our lives.

Sit calmly and ask yourself “what do I love to do”.
After getting the answer, do research on it.
Follow the experts in your area of interest.
Build connections with others in your category.
Share and get ideas from them.
Do the above-written steps, you’ll get your path.

In other scenarios, we are forced by our parents to do this and that only because they have been watching others’ child are doing good in that field. This is devastating.

Follow these steps if you’ve chosen a career path according to your interest otherwise first follow the steps written above.

In this case, you’ve to raise your voice against your parents in an educating manner.
You’ve to put out that old mentality from their minds and put today’s reality in their minds.
Show your future goals, so that they will trust you with your decision.
If your parents love and care about you, they will agree with you as my parents did.

2. Unstable Mind:

Our mind plays a vital role in every prospect of life. It may be from “How to wake up in the morning” like silly things to “How to prepare for UPSC” like complex things, the mind has a specific and important part.

To be happy we need a stable mind.

You have never seen a happy person with an unstable mind because this can’t be a combination. Every happy person is calm and stable-minded, that’s the reason they are happy, that’s the reason they are so good at decision making.

An unstable mind is like a net of confusion, tension, depression, mood swings, and anxiety. With an unstable mind, we can’t focus on one thing and our minds go here and there which takes us to sadness.

Do meditation.
Fix one task at one time, don’t be multitasking.
Listen to soothing instrumental tunes whenever you feel unstable.
Just sit and look towards the sky.

3. Wrong association:

The most harmful reason why anyone gets unhappy while they are not facing the two problems I’ve mentioned before is the association with the negative and toxic people.

Even if we are doing what we love to do and we have a stable mind, we can’t grow with the wrong association because they are like an energy-sucking leech.

Every time when we want to start something productive, they come and distract us and we can’t able to decline them because of our closeness. Further, we blame ourselves and get unhappy cause of not completing the task.

Sometimes we think to leave them but can’t. It’s totally human things.

The major problem with us is, that we can’t say “NO” to anyone easily. This is a fact. It’s also happened to me, maybe you are also facing this.

Block toxic people in Contacts, Whatsapp, IG, etc.
Don’t interact with them.
Delete their pics, videos, and everything from your life.
Make yourself a priority.

4. Dissatisfaction:


Even if we don’t have the above 3 reasons to be unhappy and also we are doing great in our life, a dissatisfaction is there because of our endless wants.

We never satisfy ourselves that’s the reason why we remain unhappy though we have a sufficient amount of things for a living which is not in the fate of crores of people.

In this materialistic world, everyone chasing luxury, money, fame, and endless things although the intoxication of these materialistic things never gives us true happiness and satisfaction.

This is the reason why the people who have everything get unhappy with their lives.

Be kind to what you have now.
Go for spirituality that removes materialistic addiction.
Satisfy yourself at a point of time when you have sufficient living things.



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