How can you start over?

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A while ago, I was in a trap where my dreams never came true. My master’s education didn’t keep going. My salary was so low. I couldn’t even meet my most basic needs. Everybody except me was building their career. I felt left behind.

I couldn’t find the power to improve my situation. I thought it wouldn’t work to start now. I was too far behind. Also, I didn’t believe in myself. I almost accepted that was my life now. My appearance, my career these were it.

All of this just was a few months ago. Now, I’m working on my thesis, and I took a step to change my career. I took a few courses, and I am studying. I am doing exercises every day. I eat clean. I lost the weight I wanted to. I am working to be the person I dream.

In addition, I want to help people who are feeling themselves in a trap like I did before. In this post, you will read about how I changed my situation and how you can change yours.

How did I find the power for change? What changed my mindset and mood?
I was always aware that I compared myself to others in an unhealthy way. I was feeling like in competition somehow. As a first step, I got rid of these thoughts.

I know it isn’t happening when you want to. But, when I have such negative thoughts, I immediately turn my attention to something different. Eventually, I recognized this is my journey. It is my life. Not others, I was chosen to live it.

I accepted my condition and others. So, I did not have the opportunities that the people I admire had. It is normal to have education and job differences between people and me.

Also, there are a lot of experienced people. People get the point I wanted to work hard. People get to where I want to be, not only with good opportunities but also with work. If I’m going to be one of them, working is my only option. I stopped comparing my stage 1 to the other 10.

Beginnings are difficult for everyone. It’s wrong to focus on where people are now by skipping over how they got to where they are.

Your age, your gender, none of them are important. Life’s principle is about how much effort you put on. Maybe you’re thinking that you are working as much as you can and still nothing is happening. That’s the sign to you to keep going. Good things come from the breakpoint.

Did you hear the 10.000-hour rule? Malcolm Gladwell claims that we have to work on something 10.000 hours to get success. In the book Outliers, Gladwell explains the success of Bill Gates, the Beatles, and more only gained with 10.000 hours of work.

When I read this book, I recognized all I need is time. Why should I upset myself if everything is possible with my effort? All I need, all you need is to take responsibility and just work on ourselves.

I was overwhelmed because of my status. My new beginning story is more about work and education. You might need to start over for another reason. Maybe you have a family issue or break ups. But processes are similar. In the end, all heartbreaks are the same, regardless of the reason.

First of all, find the main reason why you need to start over. What do you want to change and why? Research what you have to do to get there that you want. The root cause you find will be your motivation.


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